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Revolax Deep is a top-quality skin filler that can be used for both face sculpting and wrinkle removal. It was manufactured by Across, a leading brand in the field of medical device production, cosmetic rejuvenation products, and health foods, using cutting-edge technology that guarantees a premium-quality end deep skin injection product. Therefore, just like other Revolax skin rejuvenation masterpieces, this one features the following set of fantastic benefits:

  • Great viscoelasticity that provides fast, yet durable results
  • Low product mitigation percentage which means that the injected Revolax Deep HA will stay in place and the achieved effects will be preserved
  • The monophasic structure of this product combined with the cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid polymer used in it guarantees long-lasting results (12-18 months) once injected deep into the skin
  • This is a non-animal-based filler injection and it is fully compatible with human tissue which brings the side effects ratio close to zero

What makes Revolax Deep different, however, is that exclusively targets deep folds and wrinkles. As such, it has a thicker consistency and it needs to be injected into the patient’s hypodermis (subcutaneous tissue) or in their deep dermis. This innovative HA Revolax filler also features Lidocaine among its ingredients thanks to which the injection process is more painless for the patient.

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