Bonetta Filler Volume

Bonetta Filler Volume

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Bonetta is a high-quality filler made with pharmaceutical grade Hyaluronic acid that is cross-linked with 0.3% Lidocaine. It stimulates your body’s production of collagen for healthier, firmer skin with more internal hydration. These products can be used to augment lips, define the shape of the mouth and smooth fine perioral. 

Bonetta Volume

Used to plump the lips with voluminous consistency, eliminate deep smile lines and face wrinkles. Your results will last eight months to a year with the Volume filler

HA 24% serums. Each box contains 2.2ml

(2 syringes of 1.1ml)


  • Safe with long-lasting effects
  • Fast recovery
  • Minimal pain during the procedure
  • Soft and smoothing procedure

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