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Used to improve the appearance of the buttocks area, enhancing it by improving the tone and texture of the skin. Powerful synergistic combination of firming actives, antioxidants and regenerators, which visibly produce a lifting and firming effect in the buttocks area. 

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: It is recommended that the product be handled and applied by professionals in the aesthetic area. It can also be applied topically by means of massages, use of micro-needles, ultrasound, electroporation or any other method of virtual mesotherapy. 1 session every 8 days, total of 8 - 10 sessions for maximum results. 



  • Firming naturally produced and absorbed by the body, increases up to 300% the transport of glucose to tone the muscles. 
  • It has restructural properties, which helps make it a powerful firming and anti-stress product.
  • Reduces the effects of age on the skin. Promotes skin tonicity, strengthens tissues and reduces sagging. 
  • It is the main actor in treatments to reaffirm and tone. It also has a great moisturizing effect and is effective against stretch marks.
  • Provides a mechanism for transporting essential nutrients to the skin cells. Moisturizes the skin by holding the water and acts as a protective agent.
  • Accelerates the synthesis of keratin and is involved in muscle metabolism. 
  • Preserves the tonicity of the skin. 
  • Accelerates healing, participates in the formation of collagen and elastin.

      10 Ampules x 5 ml each

       Made in Colombia 

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