Neuramis Volume with Lidocaine

Neuramis Volume with Lidocaine

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This outstanding skin filler is sold in a pre-filled disposable syringe that comes with an Ultra Thin Wall 27G needle that effectively reduces the risk of scarring. It contains a 100% biocompatible and biodegradable Hyaluronic Acid that gradually rejuvenates the skin by making it better hydrated, more elastic and, at the same time, firmer and smoother.

  • Perfectly balanced forehead augmentation (to give the face a softer or a fuller look)
  • 2 stages of crosslinking
  • Instant removal of deep folds and wrinkles
  • Pain-free lip contouring
  • Durable chin enhancement
  • Safe augmentation of cheekbones
  • Neuramis Volume with Lidocaine is Medytox’s top of the line filler

A lidocaine-infused skin filler

Every box of Neuramis Volume Lidocaine contains top-notch HA with a concentration of 20mg/mL and 3% of lidocaine. The latter is a local anesthetic that is quite harmless and yet it will effectively reduce pain and other unpleasant sensations that are typically associated with such non-surgical anti-aging injection procedures. This is particularly important for patients who plan to undergo a long-lasting lip enhancement treatment with this product because the lips and the cheek area are among the most sensitive and gentle areas of the face. The presence of lidocaine in this optimized dermal filler does not affect its incredible anti-wrinkle properties or its performance.

Neuramis Deep vs Volume

Neuramis Deep Lidocaine: Medium particle size for moderate wrinkles. Injected in the middle part of the dermis. For treatment of moderate wrinkles, such as glabellar, oral commissures, lip fullness, pouting and vermilion border.

Neuramis Volume Lidocaine: Larger particles for deep folds. Injected in the deep layer of the dermis and/or the surface layer right beneath the skin. For correcting deep folds, creating fuller lips and shaping facial contours, such as cheeks and chin. The Medytox laboratory that has developed botulinum toxin type A, Neuronox, based on the shape corporate technology. Being a unique manufacturing process, with 2 stages of crosslinking and an improved purification process make this a unique product.

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